MeVdA vs. Shiver - La Morte Salvatrice Della Vita CS

A chance meeting for a records deal between Attila Folklor (Insomnia Isterica, Mulo Muto, MeVdA / L’è Tütt Folklor Rec.) and Mauro Sicaccaluga (Ur, Deprivation, Fungi from Yuggoth, Saturnin Sektor, Shiver / Diazepam Rec.) soon evolved in a dangerous sounds exchange, resulted short time later in this collaboration EP.
Started with recorded samples of an old clock and a magnetotherapy device, together with a common passion for power electronics and black metal, MeVdA and Shiver created multiple layers of synths, voice and other devices in an instictive way, until «La Morte Salvatrice Della Vita» shaped up almost by itself in a merciless muddy maelstrom.

LUCE SIA, 2021